28. nov. 2011


If you want a DVD with videoes from the whole competition (both days) you can send an e-mail to Sten Arne B. Brunsby and make an order.
Price: NOK/SEK/DKK 250 or EUR 33 + postage


Nordic Championship is over for now and hopefully all the participants got home safely, despite the bad/windy weather..! It has really been a GREAT weekend, and a GREAT experience! Thank you to all of you for coming and for demonstrating what a fantastic sport FS and HTM are. We have seen the most amazing performances and we have been laughing and crying. Nordic Freestyle is really at a high level! And Norway is proud to finaly be a part of this yearly event. :-)

Detailed results from both days can be downloaded from the Result page.

Results from Team Competition HTM:

Results from Team Competition FS:

Results from Individual Final HTM:
1. Anja Christiansen & Queeny, Denmark - NORDIC CHAMPION
2. Helle Larsen & Doggie, Denmark
3. Tanja Pekkalainen & Daisy, Finland
4. Salla Haavisto & Helka, Finland
5. Emmy Marie Simonsen & Whisper, Denmark
6. Susann Wastensson & Frodo, Sweden
7. Anja Christiansen & Nessie, Denmark
8. Katja Tamminen & Nevada, Finland

Results from Individual Final FS:
1. Sini Eriksson & Sonic, Finland - NORDIC CHAMPION
2. Karolina Pettersson & Zing, Sweden
3. Johanna Allanach & Soda, Denmark
4. Linnèa Vejde & Zolo, Sweden
5. Marianne Aas & Vikki, Norway
6. Salla Haavisto & Lime, Finland
7. Emmy Marie Simonsen & Biscuit, Denmark
8. Leena Inkilä & Rita, Finland


25. nov. 2011

Here we go!

All the participants and judges have safely arrived and it has been practise in the ring this evening. It is so exiting to have them all here! And it is so exiting for Norway to organize this 4th Nordic Championship. It is the first time ever for Norway, both in participating and organizing such a big event. We are truly novices in both senses. We will need som patience, but we promise to do over best to make it a nice experience for everyone. :-)

The Opening Ceremony starts tomorrow (Saturday 26th) at 09:10

The first competitor in HTM goes in the ring at 09:30
Here is the running order:

1. Erika Johansson & Oggie, Sweden
2. Jessica Karlgren & Sussi, Norway
3. Tanja Pekkalainen & Daisy, Finland
4. Mari Muhonen & Indy, Finland
5. Ine Rosland & Merlin, Norway
6. Anja Christiansen & Queeny, Denmark
7. Anja M. Schüller & Frekja, Norway
8. Merete Kristensen & Mia, Norway
9. Salla Haavisto & Helka, Finland
10. Monica Gudinge & Ally, Sweden
11. Helle Larsen & Doggie, Denmark
12. Susann Wastensson & Frodo, Sweden
13. Katja Tamminen & Tara, Finland
14. Emmy Marie Simonsen & Whisper, Denmark
15. Ulrika Persson & Diva, Sweden
16. Anja Christiansen & Nessie, Denmark

The first competitor in Freestyle goes in the ring ca 12:00
The running order for FS is:

1. Sabine Åström & Wilma, Sweden
2. Jessica Karlgren & Sussi, Norway
3. Mari Muhonen & Tara, Finland
4. Catrine Bjerch & Litchi, Norway
5. Emmy Marie Simonsen & Beat, Denmark
6. Leena Inkilä & Rita, Denmark
7. Salla Haavisto & Lime, Finland
8. Line Orlund & Sheba, Norway
9. Marianne Aas & Vikki, Norway
10. Karolina Petterson & Zing, Sweden
11. Jette Haastrup & Addi, Denmark
12. Sini Eriksson & Sonic, Finland
13. Emmy Marie Simonsen & Biscuit, Denmark
14. Linnèa Vejde & Zolo, Sweden
15. Michaela Neiglick & Rut, Sweden
16. Johanna Allanach & Soda, Denmark


21. nov. 2011

Greetings from Team Norway!

It has been a true pleasure, and a lot of fun to be the teamleader of TEAM NORWAY this fall. And I expect the fun and the positive energy to be continued all the way to HALL B at Dogs4All, Saturday the 26th of november!! We are all looking forward to this happening – although with some exhilarating feelings along the way. Our Norwegian team consists of 8 amazingly brave girls and their dogs. These girls are truly novices, in the sense that they have not been competing more than a few times, in the lower classes. (Only one of our teams has, in fact, reached freestyle class III!)

In Norway, freestyle/HTM has just recently been made an official dogsport (we do call the sport kreativ lydighet = creative obedience). So, no wonder there are not many competing teams here yet! In fact, Team Norway became a reality, with Nordic Championship as a goal, in the month of September. This means we have been practicing together, for only two months. Preparing everything in such a short time has been a true race for everyone. But it has also been an interesting, learning experience!

After such a short time of practicing freestyle/HTM - and with few competitions to enter - I think this team is totally remarkable, and so, it makes me proud to help out as Team Leader. As an old freestyler myself, I know what it takes!! In addition to a good, healthy dog, it takes buckets of strength and good will, positive thinking as well as a passion for freestyle/HTM. I do feel that all the participants of Team Norway have everything it takes to enter the floor in a Nordic Championship. Our goal for this experience is to show and share happiness, show everyone that we are proud of our wonderful dogs. We are also proud of our own will to participate despite lack of experience and earlier results!  

I do hope photos from our trainingsessions will show you all our joy and fun – our main focus - in addition to our feelings of team companionship. TEAM NORWAY make a show – Norwegian girls, go, go, go!!!

Merete A. Huser, Team Leader


18. nov. 2011

Heia Sverige!

Greetings from Sweden!

We are all very much looking forward to visiting Norway and meeting you all at the Nordic Championships! We hope to have a wonderful time and meet new and old friends who love freestyle and dogs as much as we do :)

The Swedish Freestyle Team consists of:

 Karolina Petterson & Zing (Pumi)

 Linnea Vejde & Zolo (Australian sheperd)

 Sabine Åström & Wilma (Golden retriever)

 Michaela Neiglick & Rut (Border terrier)
 Reserve: Stina Liljegren & Raiko (Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever)

The Sweedish HTM Team consists of:

 Susan Wastensson & Frodo (Border collie)

 Monica Gudinge & Ally (Border collie)

 Erika Johansson & Oggie (Mops/Pug)

 Ulrika Persson & Diva (Dobermann)

 Reserve: Linda Tolkki & Grizzly (Australian sheperd)